Eliza Jennings Submits Proposal For Grant

Eliza Jennings Senior Care Network which is a nonprofit corporation intends to submit a Proposal for a capital grant under the provision of 49 USC Section 5310 of the Federal Transit Act to provide transportation service for elderly and disabled within North Olmsted, Olmsted Township, and surrounding areas. The grant Proposal
will request support for the purchase of a new vehicle.

It is projected that approximately 250 persons will use the service five days each week for 52 weeks in the year for various activities, including transportation to Adult Day programs, doctor visits, for shopping, and special event activities.

Eliza Jennings Senior Care Network invites comments and proposals from all interested public, private and paratransit operators including taxi operators, for the provision of transportation service to the elderly and disabled within our service area.

Operators who are interested in offering proposals to provide service should contact Sheryl, L. Sereda, VP and Chief Advancement Officer at Eliza Jennings Senior Care Network, 26376 John Road, Olmsted Township 44138 to obtain full details of the type of transportation service that is needed prior to preparing a proposal.

Written comments or proposals must be submitted within 30 days to the agency at the above address with a copy to the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency, 1299 Superior Street E, Cleveland, OH 44114; Attention: Jim Thompson re: Section 5310-Public Notice.