SAIDO Learning® Center Offers a New Adult Day Model

The SAIDO Learning® Center, Eliza Jennings’ innovative alternative to the traditional adult day center, is the first adult day program in the United States to offer SAIDO Learning, a non-pharmacological treatment shown to improve the symptoms of dementia. Many families rely upon adult day services to provide secure care and companionship for loved ones while they work or take a needed respite. The SAIDO Learning Center supports improvement in cognitive function while providing the traditional support and assistance with daily care if needed.

The SAIDO Learning Center incorporates the important role of the Supporters, the staff who engage participants in SAIDO Learning, and an interactive environment that promotes activation of the prefrontal cortex and subsequent improvements in the symptoms of dementia. Family education and support fosters additional opportunities in the home to sustain positive improvements and independence achieved at the SAIDO Learning Center.

For more information about the SAIDO Learning Center, please call Executive Director Minni Nair at 216.226.6090.