Staying Young at Heart

Alice Park recently quipped in a longer article for Time Magazine, that contrary to previous belief, even elderly heart patients can benefit from regular exercise. Research elsewhere in the article dictates the results of a study strongly in support of Eliza Jennings’ wellness programming for our residents and program participants.

The Renaissance Retirement Campus is an independent living community operated by Eliza Jennings in Olmsted Falls, Ohio, and on campus residents live self-set lifestyles in an environment designed to eliminate the day-to-day tasks of managing a typical home. One key benefit to living at the facility is divvied up to a number of areas: the campus is a sprawling 164 acres and residents inclined to spend time walking the gardens and footpaths, or golfing at the on-site 18-hole course are indirect evidence of the study mentioned in Park’s report. Living well means aging well, and cardiac health is the key to staying young at heart.

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